Breakout Men


Breakout!  Is a New Life Community Church Men’s Ministry.  It takes its name from a military operation where an encircled force stages a massive attack at the weak point of an enemy force, allowing them to escape and go on the offensive from behind the enemy’s lines.

I believe that the Christian church is an encircled force.  The enemy is the devil and his army has us hemmed in on all sides.  His attack is relentless, he is arrogant and he will never give up.  With each wave he presses us closer and closer together.  Those who don’t stand firm, or go off on their own, forsake the body and break the lines get batted away like flies.  All that remains is the strongest, most dedicated force, trapped in an ever tightening circle.  The encircled force is strong, but can’t hold out forever, if they wait too long they will all be utterly destroyed.

The good news is that we know THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN.  Not with the living God as our General.  He has promised us that we will be victorious in the end.

The question is, how long will we wait, and how many losses will we suffer before we STAND AND FIGHT for our families and our communities?  Breakouts in war have only happened a few times in history, but when they do, they are unforgettable.


The time for Breakout is NOW.