LifeKids Nursery is for 0 – 2 yr olds every Sunday morning at 10:30am and Wednesday nights at 7:00pm. It seeks to provide children a warm, loving Christ – centered environment at New Life Community Church. It is led by Shelly …. And her wonderful support staff. It is a fun, music filled opportunity for our tiniest members to begin to experience the love of God. We invite your kids to join us!


CRITTERLAND Bible Adventure takes place on Sunday mornings at 10:30am for 3 – 5 yr olds. Your preschoolers will love joining their tour guide, Emily, for an exciting Bible Adventure! Children will use visual prompts called Picture Passes as they learn a monthly Bible verse with Guy the Bible Guy. They’ll sing songs about God’s Truth with Mr. Music. Blinky and Shine will work together to give your child concrete examples of how they can live God’s way, every day! Join the fun this Sunday!

KONNECT Children Church Logo

KONNECT Children’s Church takes place on Sunday mornings at 10:30am for 6 – 12 yr olds. Your children won’t want to miss a single episode on KONNECT Space Station. They’ll have a great time as they, along with the crew, grow in their relationship with Jesus. Watch out! We bet you’ll find that you are learning too! Through KONNECT, your child will experience a teaching style they can relate to while they connect with other kids and adults invested in their future and faith.


KidsZone Elementary Class is for ages 3 – 8 on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm. It is designed as an interactive discipleship program to systematically guide children as they learn the major principles of the Bible and seek to build Christian friendships through discussion and action. The aim of this class is to equip our LifeKids to be both hearers and doers of God’s Word.


TWEENS is for 9 – 12 yr olds on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm. One of the most awesome times in life is the transition from being a kid to becoming a teenager. Here at New Life our tweens have a great time hanging out while learning more about becoming the young men and women God is calling them to be. Our program is loaded with fast – paced worship, interactive activities, and video teachings to address real issues that TWEENS face each day. Come check us out this Wednesday!