April 9. Reading and Leading Up to Easter. John chapter 15.

Sunday, April 9                     John 15

Unbelievable Love

“Greater love has no one than to lay down one’s life for his friends” (John 15:13).

“Love” is perhaps one of the most widely used but grossly misunderstood words today. Modern usage tends toward narcissistic emotions of approval, attraction, or pleasure.  “I love baseball.”  I love cheesecake.”  “I love my home.” 

For some, “love” might go further to the point of devotion.  “I love my family.”  Our present divorce rates, however, belie the fact that when a man says to his wife, “I love you,” it doesn’t always mean “till death do us part.”

Jesus takes “love” to a different level.  When He says He loves us, it has not limits – no ending.  There is no point at which He says, “Nope, can’t take that anymore.”

The crucifixion was not just another example of a good man getting chewed up by the system.  The Cross was not a hard-luck story of the battle of power systems.  Jesus calls us by example to a self-less, sacrificial way of living out love.

Love is commitment.  Love is an unmerited decision by God to die for us.  He did it for no other reason than that we benefit.  It is beyond comprehension.

Such is God’s love for you and me.  He does not love us because we always do the right things.  He loves us no matter how we can.  That is enough to change us forever.  Amazing love!