March 26. Reading and Leading Up to Easter. John chapter 1

Sunday, March 26                 John 1

The Lamb that Dies is the King that Rules

John chapter 1 is divided into 5 sections:

  1. The Eternal Word (1:1-18)
  2. Day 1: The Voice of John (1:19-28)
  3. Day 2: The Lamb of God (1:29-34)
  4. Day 3: Come and See (1:35-42)
  5. Day 4: The Son of God, the King of Israel (1:43-51)

As we walk toward Resurrection Sunday, our understanding of Jesus and His sacrifice will become clearer and clearer.  First introductions are always important.  John, the forerunner, introduces 5 future apostles (Andrew, John, Peter, Phillip, and Nathanael) to Jesus.  John calls Jesus “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”

That’s a picture of the Cross.  That’s a picture of atonement.  John foresees and foretells the dramatic moment three years ahead in which this man Jesus would lay His life down as a ransom.

There is no explicit mention in this chapter of the resurrection.  It is only inferred.  Even though Jesus seems at that moment to be just another man – a human being – He is also called “the Son of God.”  He is designated as “the Messiah” – “the King of Israel.”

How can a Lamb that is sacrificed also be the conquering King?  This seeming paradox will follow the entire earthly ministry of Jesus.  It will only be explained finally in that early morning visit to the tomb – the empty tomb (John 20).  This Lamb that was slain will rise to truly carry away the sins of fallen men.  In so doing, He will be seated as the conquering King.

Acknowledge today that Jesus has carried your sins away.  Confess them, admit them, and, yes, say you’re sorry.  But, let Him CARRY THEM AWAY.  Don’t wear your sin like a badge of dishonor.  Let Jesus bear those sins and free you from their power.  He has separated you from our sin as far as the east is from the west.