March 27. Reading and Leading Up to Easter. John chapter 2.

Monday, March 27               John 2

The Temple that Was and the Temple that Is

“Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”  So says Jesus to the bewilderment of those who heard.  How could this one man build a temple in three days that took a huge work force 46 years to build? 

Sometimes God’s words to us seem impossible – even ridiculous.  But, it is only because we do not see the big picture.  We do not see things from God’s perspective.  All earthly physical things have a corresponding spiritual and eternal meaning.  Israel’s physical temple was an earthly mirror of the spiritual Temple who is Jesus Himself.  We don’t have to go to a particular location anymore to find true worship.  We come to the Temple who is Jesus Himself.

This new Temple – this permanent Temple – was built in three days.  Day One, Jesus died according to the Scriptures.  Day Two, He laid dead in a tomb.  Day Three, He rose to incredible power and authority.  This Temple will never be torn down.  It is eternal, and will never grow old or diminish.  That is the meaning of Easter.  Thank God today that His plans are perfect even though they may not seem clear to us.  By this, release true worship to God!