March 30. Reading and Leading Up to Easter. John chapter 5.

Thursday, March 30             John 5

The Resurrection of Life and the Resurrection of Condemnation

John’s Gospel tells us of four times Jesus visited Jerusalem.  In the first visit, (John 2:13-3:21), Jesus turned over a few tables on the Temple Mount.  He also met a Jewish leader named Nicodemus.  He ruffled a few Pharisaic feathers. But this was nothing compared to what was coming. 

With each trip to the Holy City, the opposition and controversy heightened.  In this second visit, Jesus healed a lame man by the Pool of Bethesda.  The man had lain there for 38 years.  38 years of waiting!

One might think the entire city would buzz with excitement over such a miracle.  It was, however, the most religious of the city who began throwing the biggest fit!  Sabbath-violation and blasphemy were their charges.  How could anyone claim to be God’s Son?!  How could He FORGIVE?  Jesus was upsetting the traditional order of things.

In this context, Jesus began openly speaking about His destiny – and ours.  RESURRECTION.  He spoke of an hour now coming upon the world – an hour in which dead people will hear a Voice and live.  The broken will be made whole, the lost will be found, the sick will be made well.  He called it the resurrection of life (John 5:29).

Sadly, He tells us there will also be a resurrection of condemnation or judgment.  He speaks of an hour in which the whole world will stand before Father God.  He came to make a way, to provide a path, and to prepare us that most important of all days: THE RESURRECTION.  How will you stand in that day?

Today, receive and walk in the righteousness of Christ.  All other ground is sinking sand.